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Solatron is a custom automation machine builder. The machines in this section are some examples of machines we have built in the past. Included with these machines are approximate prices. These prices may be used to get an estimate for a machine of similar construction, similar features, and similar operation. Actual prices for duplicate machine may vary.  Please select a category from the list below to see individual machines.


Bridgewire Welding Machines

Bridgewire Welding machines are most commonly used to weld resistance wire to an airbag initiator. Several processes are performed including cleaning, welding, resistance test, and various other processes are performed on special machines.

Powder Loading Machines
Powder Loading machines are most commonly used for loading the explosive powder (ex. ZPP) into an airbag initiator. Several processes are performed including height measurement, powder loading, another height measurement, resistance test, thermal transient test, and various other processes.


Potentiometer Testing Machines

Potentiometer Testing machines can be used for testing seat pots, steering pots, linear pots, and any other type of potentiometer. Several processes are performed including Low End Voltage testing, resistance testing, linearity testing, high end voltage testing, voltage range testing, hi and low end resistance testing, protection resistance testing, and various other processes and tests.

Clip Loading Machines

Clip Loading machines are simple machines used for loading clips into connectors or  housings.

Servo Turntable Machines

Servo Turntable machines can be used in various applications, including water-jet cutting. The servo follows a list of user-programmable commands for position, speed, external outputs, etc.

Wire Winding Machines

Wire Winding machines are most commonly used for winding resistance wire around a core wire to achieve specific resistances. The machine includes a winding head capable of winding at speeds of 6000 rpm, stobe light to enable the operator to see the wire inside the head, metering wheel which feeds the core wire and controls pitch, pitch adjustment using resistance readings on wire, enamel coating and heaters to cure he enamel, helixer cutter to cut the wire to programmable lengths, as well as winding non-linear functions.

Fuse Machines

Fuse machines are used for assembling and testing fuses.

Plating Machines

Plating Machines can be used to plate various parts with various materials (ex. Gold). Several processes are performed including part orientation and loading, plating, rinse, dry, unload, and various other processes.

Annealing Machines

Annealing machines are most commonly used to anneal parts for a programmable time or heat. The part is loaded onto the machine, and annealed for either a programmable time then released into water, or annealed until the part reaches a programmable temperature, then released..

Airbag Initiator Testing / Assembly Lines

Airbag Initiator Testing / Assembly Lines are used in the complete assembling and testing of airbag initiators. Various processes take place including bridge-wire welding, resistance testing, sleeve welding, shear testing, explosive powder loading, height measurement and testing, ID Matrix coding on parts with data collection server, cap assembly and loading, cap welding, radiation bombing, radiation leak testing, plastic cap placement, height testing, thermal transient testing, final resistance test, final height test, x-ray imaging and testing including recording of all data to optical disk for data traceability.