Airbag Initiator Testing/Assembly Line

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The latest Initiator Line that Solatron has designed and manufactured tests and assembles Initiators. This line of automated machinery has several hi-tech features including Part Data trace-ability. This particular initiator is first loaded onto a bridge-wire/sleeve welder machine where it is laser etched with an ID-Matrix marking for trace-ability. The line will collect all test data for each part and keep the information on a optical data storage device. The part receives a bridge and a sleeve is laser welded onto the top of the header. The part is tested for resistance and stress on the sleeve and then transferred via the conveyor to the powder loader. Here the header receives the explosive powder into the sleeve. On this machine the cap for each header receives powder as well. The height and force tests are performed here. The cap and the header are assembled.


The part is transferred to the cup welding machine. Here the part is tested for the assembly eight and the cap is laser welded to the header. The part is transferred to the Radiflo radiation bombing station which embalms the parts with radiation and then transferred to the Leak tester. The leak tester tests the part for radiation leakage and then receives a plastic cap on top of the assembled part. The fully assembled part then transfers to the Final Electrical Tester where resistance tests, Thermal Transient tests, insulation tests, and X-Ray’s the part to assure all parts were assembled correctly and that the part has all components. This image and all of the test data for the part throughout the whole line is transferred to an optical disk. The part is then offloaded from the line for shipment.









Machine Specifications



Machine Cycle Time

3 seconds per part

Nest Positions

24 Nests on circular Index Table except Powder loader. (12 Nests)

Standard Stations Include

-Bridge Wire Welder

-Ignition/Output Powder Loader

-Laser Can Welder

-Radiation Bombing station

-Leak Tester

-Final Electrical Tester and Xray

-Data Collection Server


Total Stations

8 Standard Stations(Machines in line)

Index Drive Type

Solatron Tire Indexer

Air Requirement


Electrical Requirements

120VAC, 60Hz, x Amps

Special Requirements

Vacuum, Chiller

Expected Run Time

Two 8 hour shifts per day

Load Machine Via

-Pallets on XY Table or

-Vibratory Bowl

Unload Machine Via

-Pallets on XY Table or

-Vibratory Track (to feed another machine)

Safety Features

-Lexan or Light Curtain machine guards. Key switch provided for enable/disabling the guards.

-Solatron Tire Index Drive for break-away indexing should an object get stuck in index dial.

-Emergency stop feature.

Extra Options

Vision System to adjust weld head for precise welds.

Approximate Machine Price:  $3,000,000

 If you are interested in a machine of this type, please call (310) 325-0463 or E-Mail with your requirements.


NOTE: All options listed above can be modified to fit your specific application. Above options are some of the most commonly used.