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Clip loading machines are manual machine that has changeable tooling to insert clips into connectors. These machines can be tooled to accommodate almost any type of clip insertion method. Clip insert is activated by a foot-switch to allow operator control. Machine is driven by a Keyence PLC that handles all of the logistic control.



Machine Specifications



Machine Cycle Time


Nest Positions


Standard Stations Include

Clip Load

Total Stations

1 station mounted on table top

Index Drive Type


Air Requirement


Electrical Requirements

120VAC, 60Hz, x Amps

Special Requirements


Expected Run Time

Two 8 hour shifts per day

Load Machine Via

Clip reel loads onto machine and connector is held by operator

Unload Machine Via


Safety Features


Extra Options

Used tape from clip reel can be cut into small pieces.

Approximate Machine Price:  $50,000

 If you are interested in a machine of this type, please call (310) 325-0463 or E-Mail with your requirements.


NOTE: All options listed above can be modified to fit your specific application. Above options are some of the most commonly used.