SOLATRON ENTERPRISES manufactures special purpose machinery. We perform a wide variety of processes on small parts, and we do difficult jobs other companies won't attempt. Many of our customers are electronic components manufacturers; companies that make relays, connectors, potentiometers, switches, fuses, initiators, and light bulbs. In addition we have built manufacturing equipment for pottery, ball-point pens, airbags and many other manufacturing applications.

SOLATRON designs, manufactures, and assembles the equipment. We build machines that comply with the new  European standards. Prior to shipping we extensively test each machine to ensure that the equipment will perform properly when it is installed our customers’ plant.

Since 1961, SOLATRON has had a reputation for high quality equipment and innovative solutions to difficult automation problems. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

SOLATRON is located in Rancho Dominguez, California. We are about a fifteen-minute drive from Los Angeles International Airport. You are welcome to make an appointment to see our facility.


SOLATRON performs the following services:


•Design, Fabricate, Assemble, and Test Fully  Automated Machines.

•Design, Fabricate, Assemble, and Test Manual  Machines.

•Mechanical Engineering/Design.

•Electrical Engineering/Design.

•PLC Programming.

•PC Programming.

•Electrical Assembly.

•Machining Parts.

•Mechanical Assembly.

•Design/Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards

•Project Management.

•Design, Engineer, and Build additions to Non-Solatron  Machines.

•Mechanical Engineering