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Solatron has three engineering departments. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Software Engineering. These three departments work closely together throughout the entire project development stages of each machine.


Mechanical Engineering


All Mechanical drawings are drawn using AutoCAD. Our mechanical engineering department has longed experience in designing hi-precision and general machinery. Each machine is separated into separate stations. Each station is designed separately and later incorporated into one final machine design.





Electrical Engineering


All Electrical drawings are also drawnusing AutoCAD. Electrical Engineering design all of the electronics for each machine. Typically machines are controlled using a PC or Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller, or in most cases both. Other PLCís have been used by Solatron as customers request another type of controller.



Software Engineering


The software engineering department designs all of the logic and user interface software for each project. PC Software is written using either or both Microsoft© Visual Basic 5.0 and Microsoft© QuickBasic 4.5. Microsoft© Visual C++ is also used for some projects. PLC software is flowcharted and coded using Rockwell programming software for Allen Bradley PLCís as well as other PLC manufactures such as Keyence and Koyo. All Software is designed with future expansion in mind. Each section or station of a machine has itís own section of program which makes the expansion and the fine-tuning of the software easy. Software is not only written for Solatron machines, but can be ordered separately for other applications you may have that are automated based.